Strive – September Heights – Day 24

Harold Henderson’s

Introduction to Haiku

striving to improve!


I recently started reading my grandmother’s copy of the 1958 classic An Introduction to Haiku by Harold G. Henderson. Now, I am something of a haiku neophyte, but those of you more experienced will no doubt recognize the name. This book may actually be from around 1958 (smells like it!)–that’s the only print date on it, and it cost all of $1.45 (goes for $15 today).

My grandmother’s last name is written on the front of the book (in her handwriting), and there are check marks by particular haiku, page numbers noted, and slips of paper inside. It could be she was making notes to remember her favorites, or she could have been choosing examples for a literature class (she was a college teacher).

I’m learning a lot from Harold and gaining a greater appreciation for the subtleties of haiku. It’s a good read–check it out.


Haiku Heights is hosting The September Heights, a haiku-a-day challenge with a daily word prompt to be used as a theme and/or in the haiku. Day 24′s prompt is “strive.” Click through to check out more haiku or to add your own.