Time and Space (NaPoWriMo Day 18)

Too much, too little,
it doesn’t
matter in the

Asked questions.
No answers.

potential—nothing or
anything in the
constant hum of


Today’s prompt was from Adele Kenny: time and space. I threw in the acrostic as a bonus. 🙂

I am joyful

I am joyful when I create

when I shape a word

a phrase

a sound

I am joyful when I see a new image

a new picture of the possible

I am joyful when I give birth to a new evocation

I am joyful when I see a complete work

a oneness to celebrate

I am joyful with beauty

I am joyful when I am noticed

for my creation

for my contribution

I am joyful when someone sighs “Ah”

I am joyful when I mine my potential

when I tap into my gold

when I live up to my gifts

even for a moment

Then I am



This is not a new poem, but I think it is the perfect answer to Cristian Mihai’s question: “I am an artist because…” (BTW If you haven’t found Cristian’s blog yet, it is well worth following.)