Monsters (NaPoWriMo Day 27)

After CG

I saw you in a dream last night.
I was lighting a photo shoot.
An industrial location.
Must’ve been a hundred people
coming through, asking questions,
commenting on the process.

You asked if I wanted to dance.

The two nights before I had snakes
in my dreams. But you weren’t in those.
Just the snakes…


Poetic Asides’ Day 27 prompt was to write a monster poem. This one appeared almost verbatim in an email. Found poems are great, aren’t they?

On the Cusp of Consciousness (NaPoWriMo Day 16)

My brother is a rat. He crawls in the walls keeping me awake at night.
Turn off the lamp if you want to see clearly. Dreams float like feathers,
tickling my brain: the monkey on the rug eats my grapes,
a funeral procession sings flowery spring dirges while
the tempest hollers my name. Mary, Mary, quite contrary—
put your books away before the elephant hits the wall!

My brother is a water boy. The answer is hydrogen-bonding.
The question is: Why does he like me? He has many issues to deal with.
The morning sun blinds me like a spore in my nostril, so I toss myself in
with the brights to add color to my cheeks. Let rise until doubled.
The vase yawns, tired of being the monkey’s spittoon, and covets
its neighbor’s arrangement, while the pachyderm lumbers on.


Today’s prompt from was to write a 10-line poem in which each line is a lie. While I considered a couple other prompt options (elegy, death, blah blah blah), the “lie” poem really intrigued me. But every time I considered it during the day, I couldn’t think of anything to write.

Then I remembered a poem I’d started years ago (close to 20–aack!). I cut some pieces and relined it to get it down to size (OK, I got to 12 lines)–and, voila! I might have figured it out! Well, at least it is an improvement on the prior umpteen versions. Yay!

Olympic obligation

We watch out of interest,

curiosity, boredom, but

also from happy obligation.

Like standing for the judge,

the President, the bride,

we honor their position, for

in winning and in losing,

they stand for us and

all our golden dreams.