Some Things That Stay (NaPoWriMo Day 1)

Is this the beginning of the end—or did we already
miss that? We take for granted
the weight of two worlds.
I wanted to lose a few pounds,
but that wasn’t what I meant.

We must bear it—undignified
discussion of lumps and disfigurement.
We must bare it—undignified
exposure to cold gel and needles.
Then, on that day, we bare it and bear it once more.
After, we come home to photos and flowers
and vases waiting to be filled.

Some Things That Stay by Debra Wuliger

Some Things That Stay by Debra Wuliger


Here it is April again–National Poetry Month and National Poetry Writing Month. The challenge is a poem a day. Various sites offer prompts. Today’s poem was inspired by Poetic Asides (write a beginning and/or ending poem) and The Music In It (“taken for granted”), as well as Deb’s lovely painting, which happens to remind me of a friend.