The September Heights – Day 15 – Creation

The ants build their hills

on the sidewalk cracks, safe from

chanting schoolchildren.


Haiku Heights is hosting The September Heights, a haiku-a-day challenge with a daily word prompt to be used as a theme and/or in the haiku. Today’s prompt is “creation.” Click through to check out more haiku or to add your own.

I am joyful

I am joyful when I create

when I shape a word

a phrase

a sound

I am joyful when I see a new image

a new picture of the possible

I am joyful when I give birth to a new evocation

I am joyful when I see a complete work

a oneness to celebrate

I am joyful with beauty

I am joyful when I am noticed

for my creation

for my contribution

I am joyful when someone sighs “Ah”

I am joyful when I mine my potential

when I tap into my gold

when I live up to my gifts

even for a moment

Then I am



This is not a new poem, but I think it is the perfect answer to Cristian Mihai’s question: “I am an artist because…” (BTW If you haven’t found Cristian’s blog yet, it is well worth following.)