Day 8 #NPM15 – Wonderland

I take it back. I wanted to be Alice.
She was the star of the show after all.
Who wouldn’t want to be the STAR
of the SHOW? With her curly blond hair,
blue dress and white pinafore,
CLEARLY she was the STAR.
No, poor little me, I was just the CAT.
The C-A-T, CAT. I mean really,
WHO wants to be a CAT?
I’m a DOG person! Oh, that Lisa Springer,
that Lisa Springer got to be Alice,
with her curly blonde hair and
turned-up little nose that managed
to be priggish without being piggish.
Lisa. Li-sa. Al-ice. Lee-sah. Al-iss.
Lee-sah. Al-iss. She even had the right
sounds in her name! Me? Well,
I managed the syllable count.
Always the Cheshire Cat, never the Alice.
Maybe someday my White Rabbit will come.

Today’s prompt from was to write a palinode, a poem in which you retract a statement made in an earlier poem. (Sounds like a great crossword clue, Brent!)

This one, well, ya know, I think it’s a true story. But apologies to Lisa Springer if I misremembered who played Alice. The name worked though, right??

Day 7 #NPM15 – Jabberwocky

I was the Cheshire Cat in my purple unitard
with orange gift-wrap ribbon taped on for stripes.
I sang ’Twas Brillig à la Al Jolson in my middle
school enthusiasm to an elementary audience.
My voice surely evaporated in the gymnasium heights.
But there I danced with my cap and cane.
And, really, shouldn’t everyone have a chance
to be the Cheshire Cat? Who doesn’t deserve
the superpower of disappearing into thin air
while your enigmatic smile lingers? How useful. How dis-
concerting. But if we can’t all be the Cheshire Cat,
perhaps we should get a shot at the Mad Hatter.
Most of us could use a little more balmy in our lives.
I could do without anymore Queens or White Rabbits,
but we could use a few more Caterpillars, eh?
I don’t know more than a handful of people who’ve
been the Cheshire Cat. I am one of the lucky few.
And so, so glad not to be Alice.

Getting caught up after a couple busy days plus an almost-24-hour internet outage. Good grief! (And how productive it was…)

Today’s poem started with a prompt from Adele Kenny to read “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll. True story, the above. And I’m pretty sure y’all are wishing for a photo of that purple unitard about now…heh. Fat chance.