Day 9 #NPM – How to breathe in North Carolina in the Spring

When the oak pollen falls, when the air hazes gold,
when black hens show sparkles of blond,
when windshield wipers are needed to see
through the film dropped by the frond,

when you pray for rain to clear the air
and wash the pavement clean,
when the temps are perfect for windows and breezes,
go inside and turn on the AC.


Good grief, it wouldn’t be NaPoWriMo without a pollen poem. Seriously high pollen count right now…

Day 2 #NPM15 – Spring Cold

Chicken alarm wakes

me from sick sleep—where the hell

is that snooze button?


I wrote this yesterday but forgot to post it. Spent most of the day sleeping as much as I could. Horrible chest cold… Chickens have a very distinctive alarm call—kind of like a car alarm. It usually goes for few minutes then stops, but it’s hard to ignore…

Did you vote?

After a busy day of meetings and appointments, I just got back from voting on just about the longest ballot I can remember, including one judgeship with 19 candidates. Yup, that’s the way we roll here in NC.

What’s that? You haven’t voted yet?

Go to it, people!!

Come drink some words

Language is wine upon the lips. —Virginia Woolf

If you’re in the Triangle (NC), stop in to Unvine’d for poetry Wednesday night. Yours truly might even read something…

Location: UnVine’d Wine Bar & Tapas, 201 W Chatham St., #103, Olde Cary Commons, Cary, NC 27519

When: Wednesday,  May 21 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

It’s finally time…

…for a blog.

A place to write out loud.

A place to shimmy into new ideas.

A place to inhale fresh language

and sometimes just gaze at the clouds.

Whatever you came for, enjoy.