Upcoming Events – March 2021

Editing and Proofreading Workshop

Karin with her headset on: Zoom-Zoom!

I’ll be at the Burlington Writers Club talking about editing and proofreading. Over time I’ve gathered quite a few tips–and I love to hear other people’s tip–so this should be fun!

Burlington Writers Club
Editing and proofreading workshop
March 13, 2021
10:00 a.m. Eastern

(Pro tip: Before proofreading, change your font. It changes the look of the text and the spacing on the page so you can read it “fresh” and more easily spot errors.)

Story Stop: Writing, Editing and Personal Perspectives

This livestreamed conversation with fiction editor Kris Spisak and nonfiction writer & poet Rita Lewis will be a lively event. You’ll get to know us on a more personal level, and I suspect you’ll pick up some writing insights as well.

Story Stop: Writing, Editing and Personal Perspectives
March 19, 2021
Noon Eastern

Kris’s new book is The Family Story Workbook: 105 Prompts and Pointers for Writing Your History. She’s also the author of Get a Grip on Your Grammar and The Novel Editing Workbook, both with solid tips and tricks. My business focuses on nonfiction, so when prospective clients come to me with a novel, Kris is who I send them to.

Rita Lewis is a poet, writer, and editor. We’ve worked together on multiple projects, large and small, and have been in a poetry critique group together for several years. She’s brilliant with metaphor and imagery. And if you’re looking for a business writer for shorter pieces (articles, case studies, white papers), I highly recommend Rita.

Come join the conversation!

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