Day 13 #NPM – Riddle

Count your exemptions—is it more than one?
Aargh, I can’t wait for this task to be done.

Look at income too—do all these go into line twenty-two?
Call the IRS… No! And wait in that long queue?!

Union dues, job travel, and tax prep expense—all three!
Let us rejoice—we can deduct this fee.

And we’ve done part one, part two, part three—what no part four?
That schedule’s done! Oh, lord, there are more?

Income on Schedule C—gross profit on line five.
No, wait, that’s wrong. Will these numbers ever jive?

Golly, I think we missed a deduction on line twenty-six.
To amend or not to amend? Is last year’s mistake worth the fix?

Alternative minimum tax? No. Foreign tax? Line forty-seven.
Xeroxing days are over (thank goodness); pressing Submit will be Heaven.

Enter amount from Form 1040, line thirty-eight…
Stupid stupid date! Why in the world did I procrastinate?

On the last schedule, the last form at a quarter to nine.
Wine? Yes, pour! And then, here, “sign” (though there is no dotted line).

Electronic submission on the 15th at half past ten—
Done! For now anyway…’til next April it starts again…


I bet you can guess what I spent my weekend doing… Today’s prompt for a “riddle” poem came courtesy of—and did you solve it??

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