Day 11 #NPM15 – Basic training

Green rank and file

in ragged formation—

tomato seedlings.

Tomato seedlings and two chickens

Tomato seedlings and two chickens


Today’s prompt for a season poem came from Poetic Asides. As you can tell, we are moving into tomato season! The seeds start out in little containers under lights in the garage. When they get big enough and the weather gets nice enough, they come outside to harden off before moving into bigger pots and eventually (some of them) into the ground. (Anne, right, and Margaret are on their way to the herb garden for a little dust bath. The love to loll in the warm dirt.)

One thought on “Day 11 #NPM15 – Basic training

  1. Hey Karon good to see your post on tomato seedlings been following your stuff excuse this message I’m doing it with the voice function of my phone and sometimes scrambles things a little but I’ve been on disability and I am currently trying to recover from my recent hospitalization and it’s really been a pleasure to read your posts and see with your rug you’re still writing that’s great give me a buzz if you have a chance or email me or whatever thanks bye-bye

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