Day 10 #NPM – Abecedarian

A little flock of
black Australorp
doesn’t eat much; it
eats everything.
Foliage is
gobbled up gone.
Hens have
insatiable appetites,
just like you would if you
kept pumping out an egg a day.
Let me tell you, our un-
manageable chickens are
notorious for ruining
our tomato seedlings,
prancing on them—
quit that! They
run away to
scratch in the garden or
take refuge
under the holly bush when the
very angry chickenpapa sees his flats.
What the
[x-rated language here]?!?! Look out or I’ll send
you all to a

Oh, the nice thing about writing a poem a day is that you’re forced to write some bad poems. This one comes courtesy of napowrimo and is an abecedarian, which typically has lines or stanzas that start with each letter of the alphabet sequentially.

OK, I’ll be caught up if I can manage one more poem for today…

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