Looking forward to Wednesday’s poetry reading

I’ve been prepping a bit this afternoon. I find it fun to develop a program with a theme or a flow to it that works for a particular audience–like putting puzzle pieces together.

Tomorrow’s reading has a little bit of Asian feel (ooo–chicken haiku, anyone?) and a little bit of Southern feel. Might share a couple of poems from Raleigh Review as well.

Should be an entertaining evening. Come join us!

Karin reading at Unvined June 2014

Karin reading at Unvined June 2014


6 thoughts on “Looking forward to Wednesday’s poetry reading

  1. Why not a Southern Asian feel? I’m probably going to open with one of my favorite REM lyrics a capella just for the pure hell of it. Why not! You sound GREAT and I can’t wait to hear your stuff and read with you again!!!


    • Thanks, Jack! I’ve had a couple of great coaches who helped me realize how important it is to think about the audience. I may not always get it right, but I like the challenge of designing a performance based on who I’m reading for.


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