Call It a Day (NaPoWriMo Day 30)

Ramp closes,

shuffle in the roost—

moon poses.


How could I not end NaPoWriMo with a chicken haiku?? 🙂 The final prompt from Poetic Asides was to write a “calling it a day” poem.


It’s been a good month. Busy on a lot of fronts, so it was tough to get in a poem every single day on that specific day, but close enough. I figure out of 30 poems, a handful of good ones will emerge. Here are some of my favorites from the month.

Thematically, these three fit together for me: Some Things That Stay, Survival, The Follow-up.

This one was fun because it was such a different voice for me: New York School.

This was was fun because it was a challenge—and it just seemed so sweet: Junior High Dance.

I think this is my best poem out of the month: The Bus Stop.

I think this is my favorite poem of the month (be sure to see the photo): The Night After the Boat Race.

Thanks for following and commenting—and congrats to everyone who participated. Now, call it a day…


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