Poof! (haiku)

Wind blusters,

chickens in their bloomers—

feather dusters!


OK, I tried to get a photo, but this doesn’t quite do the image justice. Normally the girls look like they have matronly bloomers on. When the wind blows “up their skirts,” they look like feather dusters!

4 thoughts on “Poof! (haiku)

  1. Yes, I do know what you mean. Our neighbor Sarah has four chickens that often run free in her backyard, and I’ve seen the “feather duster” aspect. One was caught between the wire fence and the bushes next to the wooden fence that separates our properties last week. Our Labs were VERY interested and I thought it was “chicken treat” for them for sure. Fortunately for the hen, the snack turned out to be only feathers!


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