Dread – September Heights – Day 17

Virgo fades. Summer

solstice sleeps. Harvest moon wanes.

Long night approaches.


Haiku Heights is hosting The September Heights, a haiku-a-day challenge with a daily word prompt to be used as a theme and/or in the haiku. Day 17′s prompt is “dread.” Click through to check out more haiku or to add your own.

8 thoughts on “Dread – September Heights – Day 17

  1. Hi Karin, a lovely entry and reminiscent in character and flavor of Hal Borland, who wrote such lovely nature idylls for the New York Times in bygone days. I have at least three books of his seasonal writings. If you haven’t read him, he’s a must.


      • Two of my favorites are Sundial of the Seasons and Twelve Moons of the Years — both based on his columns for the New York Times and both evocative of the four seasons, remarkable in their descriptive abilities of plant life, animals and seasonal changes. A poem I wrote dedicated to Borland, part of my upcoming book:

        Another Full Moon on the Deck
        One for Hal Borland

        The moonlight tonight sinks like snow
        onto the back deck, slides down the steps
        and into the yard like syrup. Everything
        is backlit and sweet on this late

        November night. Yet the memories,
        the unfulfilled dreams burn like a cigarette
        smoldering too close to the filter,
        a smoky incense scenting the cool air.

        Yes, you can almost smell it,
        in this crisp, stark-lit night.
        The decay of deaths too close to you,
        the smell of promises drifting away,

        but maybe you’re redeemed by this gentle light
        and your love snoozing peacefully beside you
        coalesce like a gestalt or a painting,

        moon displaying bare branches
        on a portrait-box of earth.


  2. You’ll have to wait, and quite a while, I’m afraid. The publisher’s estimated time of arrival is “early 2015.” The upside is that they do beautiful work, so I’ll have something I can really be proud of. I was looking through the manuscript for poems for the upcoming reading, and the work is solid, which I guess goes without saying if the press is going to publish it. 🙂


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