A Farewell to Dust (NaPoWriMo Day 6)

Be gone, all ye motes! Out of my eye!

Sweep, swab, swipe.
Wood floors wiped.
Dressers undressed.
Windows Windexed.

Surfaces shined.
Brushed-up blinds.
Fuzz-free fan.
Vacuum ran.

Clutter declutterized.
Mess demessified.
Grime degrimified.
Dust dedustified.

And I haven’t even met
the downstairs yet.


The chickens might like to bathe in dust, but I do not. Several hours of cleaning only the upstairs has left me worn. out.

The prompt today was a combination of NaPoWriMo‘s “write a valediction (farewell poem)” and Adele Kenny‘s “dust.”

2 thoughts on “A Farewell to Dust (NaPoWriMo Day 6)

    • Haha! Well, I must confess we’d let the house atrophy for quite a while. I can get away with “quick cleans” most of the time, but once in a while I get a bee in my bonnet and have to do a thorough cleaning. I blame the gorgeous spring weather we’re having. 🙂


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