Small Stones – January 25 – Catching up from vacation

Orlando Museum of Art. After stopping by the Orlando Science Center and deciding it was too kid-focused, we stumbled on the next-door Orlando Museum of Art. What a find!

Some of the regular exhibitions include American portraits, American landscapes, contemporary art, ancient American art (Aztec, Zapotec, etc.), and African art. Nothing unusual for most museums we visit, but, wow, the curation was excellent. Not only are the pieces of art very high quality, but the notes accompanying them provide more context and understanding than most.  (I think we are becoming museum snobs—we can be very critical of poorly curated exhibitions.)

But the most fabulous exhibition was Contemporary Glass Sculpture. The variety of glass—blown sculpted, combined with other media—gave me a new appreciation for glass art. Here are links to two of the artists we liked the most:

  • Christopher Ries – Ries’ sculptures are cut, ground, and polished super-high-quality optical glass. When you walk around the pieces, the shapes themselves are beautiful, and the images inside the glass change. Amazing.
  • Stephen Knapp – Knapp creates “paintings” by installing pieces of glass at varying angles on a wall, then lighting them so different colors and shapes appear. Hard to describe, cool to view.

I highly recommend a visit to the OMA when you are in Orlando. And if you are a member of your own local museum, check to see if there is a reciprocal membership arrangement.


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