Small Stones – January 23 – Catching up from vacation

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. The Morse Museum has an expansive collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany works—stained glass windows, Tiffany lampshades, blown glass, jewelry, etc. It is well worth a couple hours’ visit if you are in Orlando.

I found the Daffodil Terrace from his home, Laurelton Hall, intriguing. It is an 18’x32′ terrace with eight marble columns, each topped with glass daffodils embedded in concrete. A display showed the evolution of how the daffodil flowers were made, first a single piece of yellow glass, then a more detailed single piece of yellow glass, then individual pieces of glass for each of the petals, carefully placed in the concrete.

More subtle than some of Tiffany’s other work (see the Chapel for magnificence), but lovely, lovely.


For the mindfulness challenge at Writing Our Way Home.

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