Small Stones – January 22 – Catching up from vacation

Kennedy Space Center. Three things:

  1. When you go into space in a rocket, you are basically sitting on a bomb and letting it explode underneath you.

    Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center

    Rocket Garden at KSC (see the person at lower left?)

  2. According to Brazilian astronaut Marcos Pontes, who was on a Soyuz mission, when you reenter the earth’s orbit, it is like driving your car down the interstate and watching it disintegrate around you. The Soyuz had three main components: the habitation section, the reentry capsule, and the service module. While you sit in the reentry capsule, the habitation section and service module burn up on reentry.

    Marcos Pontes

    Marcos Pontes

  3. Remember on I Dream of Jeannie in the opening credits how Major Nelson lands in his reentry capsule on the beach and finds Jeannie’s bottle? The reentry capsule really is about that small. (Sorry, didn’t get a good photo.)

Awe-inspiring what these astronauts do…

Chris and Karin on the Moon

Chris and Karin on the Moon


For the mindfulness challenge at Writing Our Way Home.

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