4 thoughts on “Small Stones – January 11

  1. Shake off early fog
    Midtown Grille for happy brunch
    Martini, home, nap!

    Nice posting on your part, Karin. Very evocative. Mine’s a true haiku and probably as much a description as the middle part of my day as yours was of the early part of yours. After a rough week, it’s a nice bit of decadence for us to have a nice Saturday brunch and one martini at the Midtown. Then back home to nap, write poems, watch a movie or whatever strikes our fancy! 🙂


      • Hi Karin,

        For some reason, I can’t seem to reply to your post “Saint or Angel?” So I’ll reply to this instead. Anyway, I think it is just so fine, and with just a little work it could be turned into a good poem. Just the way you talk about the warm but moist and dreary days, the way it makes your straight hair curly, just very nice turns of phrase. A fan of mine in Raleigh, a teacher named Julie Taylor, said about my Maintenance and Death, ““I think what I appreciate most, and what draws me to your poetry, is the way you seamlessly write about the layers of what on the surface appears like mundane daily occurrences.” I really appreciated that comment, and that is what I see in your “Saint or Angel” and in what I heard in your Art of Style reading.

        You do have a way of seeing the magical and beautiful in the everyday, and I think that’s a lot of what makes good poetry. Definitely encourage you to keep writing and keep looking for the “layers in the mundane.” You’re so good at it!

        All my best,


        e-mail: HarryC13@aol.com Website: http://harrycalhoun.net/


        • Not sure why the problem commenting, Harry–possibly I was editing the post? Thank you for the very kind words. I had not thought of it as a poem, but may have to consider that. Your feedback is a great encouragement to me and I appreciate it enormously! Warmest regards,



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