The September Heights – Day 30 – Free

Poooetry for sale!

Coooome aaaaaand get it! No takers?

Poooetry for free!


Thanks to Haiku Heights for hosting The September Heights, a haiku-a-day challenge with a daily word prompt, the final of which was “free”–appropriate for ending our month-long venture. Some days were tougher than others!

Thanks to all the participants, readers, likers, and commenters. What a supportive group! I’ve learned a lot from you, and even if I didn’t always have time to comment, I have done my darnedest to read every single haiku.

Well done, all!

28 thoughts on “The September Heights – Day 30 – Free

  1. ha ha ha ..loved the way you ended up the challenge… 🙂

    Was under the clutches of Viral fever and I scribbled the last haiku within minutes ( I know its very very bad)I just wanted to complete this challenge …
    Many thanks for being a part of this amazing journey of HAIKU SEPTEMBER HEIGHTS…being a novice I tried to put in my best but I know at some or the other point I missed to hit the bull’s eye and still all of you all inspired me a lot either by peeping into my space or liking my posts and of course your ever encouraging comments made me feel on the top of the world…Loads of special thanks to each one of you…September had been very exciting and a learning month for me…I know I need to improvise a lot and I shall try to do that for sure …Thanks a lot once again…keep visiting and keep spilling your beans ..bouquets or brickbats all of them are accepted whole heartedly…


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