The September Heights – Day 29 – Battlefield

Referees return

from NFL battlefield.

Crisis averted!


Referees return

to NFL battlefield.

Crisis averted!


Interesting the difference a preposition makes. Couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so you get to enjoy both. (Sarcasm alert!) Details if you haven’t been following the news on the crisis. (Oops, there’s that sarcasm again!)


Haiku Heights is hosting The September Heights, a haiku-a-day challenge with a daily word prompt to be used as a theme and/or in the haiku. Today’s prompt is “battlefield.” Click through to check out more haiku or to add your own.

6 thoughts on “The September Heights – Day 29 – Battlefield

  1. My take is that both haikus belong in the haiku poem… (2 stanzas as haikus = what exactly?) In the first “haiku-stanza?” the refs are coming FROM the battlefield of dealing with the NFL owners and their work contracts – which has been or will soon be successfully negotiated. Crisis Averted! In the second, the experienced refs are finally getting back TO work – another NFL battlefield – the game itself! Hopefully, with the news headlines highlighting the game, instead of the poor reffing and bad calls by inexperienced scabs!! Another Crisis Averted! Well Done! Great haiku poem! Go Packers!! Beat the Saints!!


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