The September Heights – Day 8 – Render

The east side of town

breathes lard-hung air; rendering

plant runs all night long.


Haiku Heights is hosting The September Heights, a haiku-a-day challenge with a daily word prompt to be used as a theme and/or in the haiku. Today’s prompt is “render.” Click through to check out more haiku or to add your own.

22 thoughts on “The September Heights – Day 8 – Render

  1. Hey that is really neat. There is a rendering plant in my city not far from where I live. So mornings it smelled of bacon. And some mornings it reeked of death. The plant is closing now that the city has grown around it….

    Very well written and inspired haiku!


  2. Terrific! Ugh! There used to be one at the bottom on Georgetown in Washington, D.C. OMG – one had to close one’s nostrils anywhere nearby. Wonderful description, and somehow the use of “runs” with the rendering felt very clever to me – the juxtaposition with the lard-hung air so stagnant and heavy and the running factory rendering. k.


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