Red robin, green zebra, and summertime gold

rain from the garden.  The counter

is drenched. They keep

pouring in to join,

down in the freezer,

all manner of sauces and soups put up

over summer to winter us through,

me and my ‘mater man.


For Margo Roby’s Tuesday Tryouts, I tried a sentence acrostic.  With apologies to Peter Gabriel. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Deluge

  1. I like the imagery of the counter drenched with the rain of vegetables. Love the phrase ‘winter us through’. It’s an interesting form, isn’t it, as the chosen phrase can lead us anywhere.


  2. Just had to let you know I loved what you did with Margo’s prompt and that you were not the last. I wish I was freezing/canning this summer.


  3. This takes me back to do many fond memories of my grandfathers. How I miss that warm from the sun taste of garden grown veggies.


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