Independence Day

Sparklers flaring

A burn on my arm

I stick with snakes

for years after that


Breakfast at Wimbledon

Glorious Sundays when

American gents have

tussled before Brits


Fire truck siren

circles the park

leading a parade of

crêpe paper spokes


Capitol lawn

sprawled with Riesling

Stars & Stripes

(and traffic) Forever


Miniature flags

in pots on the porch

Red, white and blue

We’re home, We’re free


A “list” poem, prompted by Margo Roby. Thanks, Margo!

6 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. This is fun, Karin. I have been in both England and DC for the 4th and enjoyed both places for their celebrations. Our four years watching the fireworks over the Washington Monument are perhaps the most special.

    I like all the different imagery you use to put us in the scene.


    • Thanks, Margo! I bet the DC Mall is great for the 4th! DC is one of our favorite long-weekend getaways, but I think we’ve avoided it on national holidays, anticipating the crowds! You’ve inspired me, though. 🙂


  2. This is a wonderful poem. (I grew up in D.C.) The spokes on the bikes and fire trucks and the sparkler burn and snakes especially vivid for me. Wonderfully simple but vivid. Thanks much for the memories! k.


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